If you need half price haulage from along the.

M4 M5 M6 corridor from Reading region and Manchester region heading north you have just got very lucky. Save £100’s!!!

One of our prime clients fleet movements enables us to offer half price transport in an articulated lorry for half price Monday to Saturday (no Sundays).

We offer domestic transport for large loads and specialise in commercial and industrial transportation.

Our clients were awarded the TESCO PRIMARY AWARD for being their primary haulage company of the year 2015 and have other various awards and accolades having been in the business for decades.

Care and attention to every load is second to none and we have all the state of the art gadgets and devices for safe and accurate transportation of virtually anything.

Simply either call or femail for fast attention 9am till 9pm Monday to Saturday.

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0207 096 5082

Routethat fills empty lorry loads travelling back to base.


Large loads for less!


Home movers why not do it in a
half priced articulated lorry!
Large bulky objects, products.
If an articulated lorry will do it, we
have the best rates!.


Chop your current fee in half and send us an enquiry!

RT Commercial

Routethat Commercial
If you need an articulated lorry,
we have the best rates.
Currently we have routes from
M4 M5 M6 corridors heading
north but we are expanding our
opportunities daily.


Let Routethat fill your empty lorries!


Contact Routethat.
We can take your available routes
and add it to our marketing
campaigns to fill your
empty transport.